CEFE is one of the most

Successful methods

to build entrepreneurial competences

CEFE is a global best practice method on entrepreneurship promotion.

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CEFE License

To become a CEFE trainer, candidates must successfully participate in two activities: Training of trainers and coaching sessions.

Training of Trainers (ToT)

Qualifies participants to conduct trainings with the target group using CEFE methods.

Coaching sessions

After the training of trainers it is necessary to complete the qualification by being supervised during the first training.

CEFE Certificate

Certificates of different levels are issued by CEFE International and testify that a candidate has gained valuable experience as a CEFE trainer. The candidates will be examined not only on their trainer skills but also on their performance in areas such as the dissemination of CEFE or development of the exercises.

Besides the advisor certificate, CEFE International certifies those CEFistas who are qualified to conduct formation of new CEFE trainers. We call them CEFE Master Trainers.

According to their experience, candidates can apply for one of the following certificate:

National/ International
National/ International Chief Advisor*
National/ International Senior Advisor*
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The certification process aims to ensure quality in the application of the CEFE Method!


CEFE International provides a substantial portfolio of training modules. Together with our partners, we offer tailor-made solutions adapted to a project’s context and objectives:

Private sector development

Enabling economic enviroment
Peace development and conflict transformation

Rural development

Capacity building

Green economy

Certificate holders

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