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to build entrepreneurial competences.

CEFE is a global best practice method for entrepreneurship promotion.

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CEFE Method

CEFE stands for “Competency-based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs”. The CEFE Method is a comprehensive set of training instruments using an action-oriented approach.

CEFE is a comprehensive set of training instruments using an action-oriented approach and experiential learning methods to develop and enhance the business management and personal competencies of a wide range of target groups, mainly in the context of income and employment generation and economic development.

CEFE aims to create entrepreneurial competencies, including knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits. Through the promotion of entrepreneurial competence and better performance of businesses and organisations, CEFE contributes to employment creation, income generation and thus sustainable economic development.

CEFE License

To become a CEFE trainer, candidates must successfully participate in two activities: Training of trainers and coaching sessions.

Training of Trainers (ToT)

Qualifies participants to conduct training with the target group using CEFE methods.

Coaching sessions

After the training of trainers it is necessary to complete the qualification by being supervised during the first training.

CEFE Certificate

Certificates of different levels are issued by CEFE International and testify that a candidate has gained valuable experience as a CEFE trainer. Experienced CEFE Trainers will evaluate candidates’ skills and performance, such as the ability to create a new exercise and to disseminate CEFE Method.

Besides the advisor certificate, CEFE International certifies those CEFistas who are qualified to conduct the formation of new CEFE trainers. We call them CEFE Master Trainers.

According to their experience, candidates can apply for one of the following certificates:

National/ International
National/ International Chief Advisor
National/ International Senior Advisor
Master Trainer

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The certification process aims to ensure quality in applying the CEFE Method!​

CEFE Network

The CEFE Network comprises more than 3 500 licensed and certified experts in the CEFE Method, one of the most potent tools to enhance business management skills.

The network's main objective is to offer a space for cooperation, learning and sharing among CEFE experts and trainers.

We support the network's work and benefit from all its members' experience and knowledge to develop existing CEFE tools and create innovative solutions.

For the last few years, we have held global and regional conferences with all CEFE experts. The results are extraordinary since strong and fruitful cooperation is taking place.

Learn more about the activities and successful projects the CEFE International Network developed in our yearly edition of CEFE Panorama 2021.

CEFE Activities

The CEFE Network is a community that lives from its people. All the members from 74 countries on four continents are committed to working and collaborating. During the last few years, CEFE International has been organizing many activities. The results have been extraordinary since strong and fruitful cooperation has taken place. Join us and participate in the activities we are currently running:

Global and Regional Conferences

CEFE International and the CEFE Regional communities organize conferences annually. All CEFistas are invited to a multi-day event focusing on networking, brainstorming, developing, and having fun!

Master Mind Meetings (MMM)

For CEFistas with more experience and engagement, we have bi-monthly Master Mind Meetings. It aims to connect, exchange, and develop regularly with our worldwide CEFE experts. 

Takijistan- Tigger II project

CEFistas Contributions

Experts from the CEFE network actively use the CEFE method with different target groups. They are delighted to share their experiences and impact with our community.

Certificate holders

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