CEFE's instruments stimulate change in

Development Processes

via experiential learning methods.

CEFE Method provides highly participative and action-oriented training, coaching and mentoring

in entrepreneurship and private sector development!

CEFE Method

CEFE stands for “Competency-based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs”. The CEFE Method is a comprehensive set of training instruments using an action-oriented approach.

CEFE is a comprehensive set of training instruments using an action-oriented approach and experiential learning methods to develop and enhance the business management and personal competencies of a wide range of target groups, mainly in income and employment generation and economic development.

CEFE aims to create entrepreneurial competencies, including knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits. Through promoting entrepreneurial competence and better performance of businesses and organisations, CEFE contributes to employment creation, income generation and, thus, sustainable economic development.

Over the years, CEFE has evolved from training individuals to a comprehensive training methodology. The unique training technique and counselling tools can be applied to many different areas, such as rural development, project management, business rehabilitation, employability schemes or value chain development.

CEFE International offers different tailor-made courses to address various numbers of target groups, to name a few: Entrepreneurs, Business persons, refugees, marginalised groups, pupils on formal education or jobseekers.

Through the promotion of entrepreneurial competence and better performance of businesses and organisations, CEFE contributes to employment creation, income generation and thus sustainable economic development.

CEFE Global Impact

CEFE methodology is a broad term used for different objectives and target groups. The common denominator is the promotion of entrepreneurial competencies by using highly participative methods. CEFE, since its creation, has demonstrated to have an extraordinary impact on businesses’ performance and the life of their participants.

In 2019, CEFE International developed the Global Impact Study to assess CEFE’s impact on 459 young people from rural areas to make findings on the effectiveness, replicability and adaptability of CEFE for the design and implementation of future programmes. All interviewees attended a CEFE training, on average, two years ago.

The results show that CEFE is an effective method to promote self-employment, business start-ups, job creation, business and income growth, and general help to improve the livelihood of thousands of participants around the world!

Years of experience
Active Countries
0 +
CEFE trainers

13 Millions+

Participants of TOT CEFE

6 Millions+

Start-ups created

18 Millions+

Additional jobs created

CEFE is one of the most successful methods in entrepreneurship!

CEFE represents an accumulation of instruments for entrepreneurship training, coaching and mentoring combined with an active and dynamic approach and methods to develop and improve managerial and individual skills.

CEFE Specials

CEFE is always highly participative, a roadmap for people to improve their lives and create significant impact. CEFE International provides a substantial portfolio of training modules. Together with our partners, we offer tailor-made solutions adapted to a project’s context and objectives:

We use instruments to promote growth among entrepreneurs. We support them to improve their enterprises' performance through Business Development Services or by connecting informal MSMEs with the register and formal market.

Private Sector Development

To develop an entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurs need to have access to capital, labour, markets and good management skills. Governments need to get into a dialogue with the private sector to address the right topics.

Enabling economic enviroment

With almost half of the world’s poor expected to live in countries affected by fragility, conflict and violence by 2030, addressing this challenge will remain a concern for achieving individual and economic growth and a priority for sustainable development.

Peace Development and conflict transformation

Often, a lack of jobs in the countryside leads to rural depopulation. Young people especially try their luck in the cities. In developing countries, however, rural migrants often end up in urban slums, where living conditions are not significantly higher.

Rural Development

Education has shown positive effects in increased economic and community development, benefits in food security, improved social, cognitive and health outcomes and gender equity.

Capacity Building

CEFE International and its expert support knowledge and long-term experience with Green Business Management and implementing extra green measures.

Green Economy

CEFE Network

Since the introduction of the CEFE Method around the world, an average of 20,000 people have been certified as CEFE trainers, and more than 5,000 trainers are active members of the CEFE Network.

The network's main objective is to offer a space for cooperation, learning and sharing among CEFE experts and trainers.

We support the network's work and benefit from all its members' experience and knowledge to develop existing CEFE tools and create innovative solutions.

For the last few years, we have held global and regional conferences with all CEFE experts. The results are extraordinary since strong and fruitful cooperation is taking place.

Our activities

The CEFE Network is a community that lives from its people. All the members from 74 countries on four continents are committed to working and collaborating. During the last few years, CEFE International has been organizing many activities. The results have been extraordinary since strong and fruitful cooperation has taken place. Join us and participate in the activities we are currently running:

Global and Regional Conferences

CEFE International and the CEFE Regional communities organize conferences annually. All CEFistas are invited to a multi-day event focusing on networking, brainstorming, developing, and having fun!

Master Mind Meetings (MMM)

For CEFistas with more experience and engagement, we have bi-monthly Master Mind Meetings. It aims to connect, exchange, and develop regularly with our worldwide CEFE experts. 

Takijistan- Tigger II project

CEFistas Contributions

Experts from the CEFE network actively use the CEFE method with different target groups. They are delighted to share their experiences and impact with our community.

Testimonials of our certified trainers

“En CEFE encontramos un excelente método para facilitar procesos de formación que tienen en su centro las personas. Encontramos un método que nos permite lograr simultáneamente avances significativos en varios ámbitos del desarrollo.”
Jorge Tagle y Paulina Pacheco​

Fundación Trabaja para un Hermano - Concepción - Chile

“In the past we would sell CEFE saying: ‘’CEFE will change your life’’. Well, I know for a fact that it strongly influenced my life in the past 25 years and that CEFE has become a key cornerstone of my professional career.”

Ton van der Krabben

Nedworc Association

“Creo que CEFE es la mejor forma de enseñar y aprender al mismo tiempo. La conexión que se logra con las personas participantes es única y la metodología permite aprender y enseñar profundamente. Se garantiza el aprendizaje.”

Fabio Emilio Buiza

AD empresarial

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