We promote MSMEs and Start-ups

to empower national economies.​

CEFE International enables people and supports their governments to improve living conditions

by empowering their economies.

About us

Based in Cologne – Germany, CEFE International(CI) has two core businesses. On one side, we work as a managing consultant company in the private sector development. We work with organisations from international cooperation, ministries, and the public sector to help them successfully achieve their project goals.

Conversely, CEFE International is a social business because we use our entire annual surplus to sustain the CEFE network. The purpose of the CEFE Network is to develop tools, concepts and innovative instruments to overcome current challenges in private sector development. The worldwide experience of CEFE experts allows us to know first-hand local needs and implement tailor-made solutions.

Our main goal is to promote MSMEs and strengthen Start-ups to empower sustainable economic development. To achieve this, we work at the meso level, managing international projects funded by multilateral and bilateral cooperation agencies. At the micro level, our CEFE experts offer capacity development to MSMEs and Start-ups to help them to improve their business performance, boost their competitiveness and access to new markets.

Our remarkable trajectory in the private sector development has given us the know-how to consolidate three of our main divisions:

Promoting MSMEs

Empowering Start-ups

Supporting Business Cooperation

Communication, media and advocacy

Our Goal and Values

Our overall goal is the promotion of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to empower national economies; for this purpose, we have set up a couple of ground rules that guide our daily work and the way how we work and interact with our team members, clients, external partners, experts, and beneficiaries.

Team Spirit

We strongly believe that teamwork is essential to delivering our service. We work in collaboration and mutual respect, with everyone pulling together to achieve our project’s goals.


We believe “consistency” is the key to building trust in our working relationships. Our work is client satisfaction oriented, but our main goal is to provide the best innovative solutions that our beneficiaries need to overcome current challenges.


We assume a deep commitment to continually improving and challenging ourselves and each other to provide the best tools and services that help ventures and MSMEs to overcome current challenges.


We communicate proactively to build collaborative, meaningful and sustainable relationships between our team members and stakeholders. We express our message with clarity, concision and confidence while actively listening.

“Our clients, team members, CEFE experts and beneficiaries are our key stakeholders. We consider them in every decision that we take.”

Over the years, CEFE International has contributed to the achievement of the SDGs.

We help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by enabling lasting income generation, job creation, business growth and strengthening business service providers.

We support MSMEs and Start-ups by:


Advising organizations to strengthen their capacity.


Enhancing partnerships between Europe and foreign businesses.


Digitalizing learning approaches.


Leading projects to achieve sustainable results.


Helping entrepreneurs to develop and enhance their business skills.

Our Clients


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