Support local economy in selected mountainous regions in Tajikistan (GBAO)





Business Area:
Private sector development, enabling economic enviornment.
Project Description:
In the framework of TRIGGER II, BMZ funds the Project “Local Economic Development in Selected High Mountain Regions”, which is implemented in the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO) in the eastern part of Tajikistan. This project aims to support the local economy, leading to create sufficient and sustainable conditions for generating self-employment or dependent work for young people in GBAO with a special focus on the agriculture and transport sector. The project is working on agricultural value chains and is active mainly in Shugnan, Roshtqala, Rushan, Ishkashim Districts and Khorog town. The target beneficiaries of the project are MSMEs, small-scale farmers and producer groups.
Services provided:
CIl will develop and implement Training of Coaches and Business Management Training for the two primary target groups: MSMEs and Coaches.

The Training of Coaches and Business Management Training is planned for June and July 2022 in Khorog, GBAO. The training plan for implementing the activities is based on the following milestones:

• 1st Training on Business and Finance Modelling.
• 2nd Training on Marketing and Branding.
• 3rd Training of Coaches.
• Post-training facilitation and coaching
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