Holistic Resource Management for Climate Resilience of Farming


Erasmus +


Germany, Luxembourg, Czech Republic.


2022 – 2025

Business Area:

Capacity building, agricultural education, VET, green economy.

Project Description:
The main purpose of our project is to design strategies for the sustainable and climate-resilient transformation of agricultural enterprises in Czech Republic, Germany and Luxembourg. With this advisory service and training sessions, CEFE International will provide participants with skills and knowledge to implement strategies and cultivation methods to respond to the challenges the agricultural sector is experiencing in Europe and worldwide.

Services provided:
Objective 1: Develop and conduct Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Consultation to transform agricultural enterprises to become more sustainable and climate resilient. The ClimateFarming Consultation will teach farmers practices to improve water cycles, increase resilience to climate change and enhance carbon sequestration, thereby cleansing the atmosphere. Learners become better skilled in choosing holistic, innovative paths and sustainable cultivation methods. They will hence become lead actors in a transition to regenerative agriculture.

Objective 2: Train professionals in the agricultural sector (VET educators, teachers, trainers, and farm advisers..) to become Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Agents supporting agricultural transformation processes. The training of consultants and trainers will guarantee a sustainable impact on our project’s outputs, its broad reach regarding geographical scope, and the number of potential users and learners applying taught innovative practices. Participants in our training will become multipliers of Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Consultation.

Objective 3: Inform VET authorities and policymakers about climate change adaptation and mitigation options in farming thereby giving impetus to include teaching contents into educational offers of VET providers, training institutions and HEIs.

Objective 4: Conduct an awareness-raising campaign at national and EU levels on resilient climate measures for farming, its benefits and the possibilities to apply standards. The project positively influences the perception, awareness and understanding of agriculture’s decisive role in restoring the environment and fighting climate change and ultimately aims to influence behaviour and purchase decisions.

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