Towards Rural Inclusive Growth and Economic Resilience (TRIGGER II) - Tajikistan

Takijistan- Tigger II project






2019 – 2022 (extension planned)


Business Area:

Private sector development, capacity development, entrepreneurship.
Project Description:

The aim of the project is aims to strengthen the economic resilience of SMEs including smallholder farmers, young andfemale entrepreneurs. To this end, the project advises privatesector actors and the political partner on the implementation of  market-based approaches. Challenges for private sector actors are rehashed and introduced into the national discussion.

Services provided:

Support in the preparation and implementation of a gender sensitive Entrepreneurship Awareness Campaign, development and implementation of ToT and start up events in different regions, preparation and implementation of 2-day botcamps in different regions in Tajikistan. The ToT was conducted in a hybrid format. This project was executed in Consortium with PEM GmbH and ICON-Institut GmBH.

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