Pauline Sautter​


I am Pauline and I am working for CEFE International since 2016. Just like the saying  “from rags to riches” I worked my way through many positions in the company. As an intern I started with accountancy, continued with the support of the CEFE Network, got involved within project management and now I am team leader of the BMWI Manager Training Program – the project for which I had entered CEFE International as an intern. Besides that my main responsibility is the acquisition of new projects in the German market. In the four years I have worked with CEFE International I have been engaged in several missions in African countries, the Philippines and Albania. Furthermore I am holding a Master degree in Political Sciences.
My favourite quote:

''You can not change the wind, but you can set the sails differently.''

I prefer...
Tea & Coffee
Beer & Wine
Beach & Mountains
Cat & Dog
Day person
Why am I at CEFE International?

..because a great team does valuable work here.

What am I doing when I'm not at work?

Swimming, riding bicycle, running – all of these preferably with friends.

If I could, I would...

Inventing a secret machine for beaming.

The most fascinating country I have been to...

My heart is in Malawi but the beauty of Colombia blew me away!

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