A Youthful Journey to Experiential Learning

Transform your skills into opportunities for sustainable business development.

April 23- 24

4pm-7pm Colombo | | 6pm-9pm Bangkok | | 7pm-10pm Manila

Online Event


We invite all trainers and facilitators from Asia to join a transformative learning experience—immerse yourselves and discover the potential of Experiential Learning and insights about their integration into innovative CEFE Formats.

Competency-based Economies through Formation of Entrepreneurs (CEFE) is an action-oriented methodology that promotes positive changes in various human development processes, impacting positively in job creation, income generation, and promoting sustainable development.

Join us! Strength your skill as a facilitator and discover the potential of this methodology to sharp your potential and enhance your carrer in the international development cooperation. This is an exclusive opportunity that the CEFE Asia Community is organizing for you to gain insights, network with global experts, and elevate your career as a certified CEFE Method professional.

Event Highlights


experiential learning

Discover and embrace a methodology proven to drive results and create lasting impacts on the society through business development.


International Master Trainers as Keynote speakers

Learn from our International Master Trainers, who will join us as keynote speakers to share their insights on their extensive experience with the CEFE Method.


Networking Opportunities

Meet and network with certified professionals who excelled in CEFE Mehotd application. Your next collaboration might just be a conversation away.


Speed Mentoring

Engage in brief one-on-one interactions with multiple mentors in a rotating format, fostering quick but impactful exchanges of insights and advice.

Keynote Speakers

Laura Gayoso Sánchez

CEFE Digital

Master Trainer, International Chief Adviser, CEFE Digital Facilitator

Jetona Myteveli


Master Trainer, International Chief Adviser, CEFE Digital Facilitator

Marlinde Baerenz

CEFE Coaching

Master Trainer, International Chief Adviser, CEFE Digital Facilitator

Jovan Stalevski

CEFE and Leadership

Master Trainer, International Chief Adviser, CEFE Digital Facilitator


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Join us in Asia for a conference that goes beyond the ordinary – where innovation meets education, and connections pave the way for a brighter future in training and facilitation.

Registration for participants from Thailand
Contact person: Widhoon Chiamchittrong
email: widhoon@gmail.com
Registration for Participants from Phillipines
Contact person: Christopher Prior
email: chrisp_47@yahoo.com
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