Credit and Savings Project for Women's Empowerment in Artisanal Mining

IMPACT Canada.
Democratic Republic of Congo.
08/2018 – 10/2018
Business Area:
ToT, gender, mining.
Project Description:
From March 2017 to February 2019, IMPACT implemented the Artisanal Mining Women’s Empowerment Credit and Savings project (the “project”). The AFECCOR project supported women and men in artisanal gold mining communities to access savings and credit via village savings and loans associations (VSLAs), by promoting entrepreneurship and economic security. The AFECCOR model consists of a four-pronged approach: the creation of Village Savings and Loans Associations (1), the implementation of a Discussion group series (2), the offering of Literacy Training (3) and the offering of a Business Skills training (4).
Services provided:
CI has prepared a on-the-job training of trainers and entrepreneurship coaching, to develop the business skills of mining enterprises in the Ituri province, preparing them to invest their savings in new entrepreneurial opportunities within the artisanal mining community, and enabling them to develop a more diversifies and reliable source of income.
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