Start- up tour India




4-6 2021.

Business Area:

Trade promotion, private sector development.

Project Description:

Through the conduction of webinars, workshops and two virtual delegation trips for incubators and start-ups to Germany, Indian start-ups will be supported in gaining market information. By fostering cross-border learning between India and Germany Indian incubators enhance their capacity to support Indian start-ups in general but partcularlly in entering new markets. CEFE International and the proposed expert team have a wide range of experience in the conduction of such workshops and study tours, also virtually.

Services provided:

To achieve the objectives, CI will outline the approach with: 


Design thinking

Mentor Match

Canvas / export marketing plan

Two Virtual Delegation Trips

For both groups.

For the start-ups.

For the incubators/academia.

Incubator/Academia Delegation Trip:
Start-up Delegation Trip. 
Development of Selection Criteria & Selection of Participants.

Business Model/Service Model

Potential, Sustainability, Motivation, Innovation. 

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