Manager Training Programme - Digital




Deutschland / Iran/Aserbaidschan,

2019 – 2021.
Business Area:

Trade promotion, private sector promotion, business management.

Project Description:

The MP is an element of German foreign trade policy and mainly supports small and medium-sized enterprises in positioning themselves internationally and opening up new markets. It prepares executives from Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America specifically for business initiation and economic cooperation with German companies and promotes their international action and management skills.

Services provided:

Planning and implementation of the four-week training program. This training program consists of a group program and individual program components. In the group program, skills are taught in training sessions and visits are made to the company as a learning location. The individual components include a tutor-assisted development of a cooperation project and individual business contacts with potential German cooperation partners. In this specific project, the exchange was between Iran, Aserbaidschan and Germany.

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