Manager Training Programme


2022 – 2024

Business Area:

Private sector development, Trade Promotion, Economic Development, B2B

Project Description:

As a successful and approved partnership model, the BMWK (formerly BMWi) Manager Training Programme started in 1997. The programme’s success is a result of the right mix of imparting knowledge and business practice. Through interactive and practice-oriented training sessions, the participants develop management skills, which prepare them for doing business with German companies. This includes learning specifics of German business culture and improving their business attitude and negotiating techniques. During company visits, the participants experience German companies first-hand, including their technology and equipment, through which they come into direct contact with potential business partners. For both participating parties, namely German companies and companies from 18 partner countries, outstanding economic advantages are possible by providing access to the other market. CI is part of the expert pool for executing the manager training programme.

Services provided:
CEFE International is responsible for the technical and logistical preparation as well as conceptualisations, implementation and follow-up of training programmes consisting of a total of 21 training and learning units per delegation, which are distributed among the following programme phases under the hybrid concept:

– Onboarding.
– Introductory workshop in the partner country.
– Six-week Online training.
– Two-week attendance phase in Germany.
-Six-month transfer phase – final networking event in the partner country.

Since 2016, CEFE International(CI) has conducted the Manager Training Programme for more than ten delegation groups from Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Iran, Azerbaidjan, Georgia, India and Mexico. In total, 172 participants have been supported by CI, 524 business cooperations have been initiated, 115 company visits have been conducted, and contracts with a total turnover of 8.700.784,00 EUR have been signed by participants with German companies in the course of the programme.
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