Recycling and Disposal of Waste of electrical equipment in an environmentally sound way in Ghana




2021 – 2022

Business Area:

E-waste management, entrepreneurship, innovation.

Project Description:

As part of the project “Environmentally Sound Disposal and Recycling of E-Waste in Ghana” (in short E-Waste Programme), CEFE International conducts a Training of Trainers (ToT) on the scrap yard of old Fadama in Accra. The ToT qualifies participants to prepare and conduct trainings with diverse target groups using the CEFE methodology, one of the most successful methods for teaching business development.

Currently, most entrepreneurial activities and small enterprises on the scrap yard and surrounding are informally organized.

The ToT contributes to :

        1. Strengthening private sector actors for the recovery of waste electrical and electronic equipment along the recycling chain.
        2. Initiating the transition process of the scrap yard in Old Fadama to a sustainable recycling park in a conflict-sensitive manner with the participation of the women working at the scrap yard.
Services provided:

Preparation and adaptation of a CEFE Training of Trainers (ToT) in Ghana.

Based on the experiential learning experience, the ToT participants will conduct exercises independently. They will be accompanied by the trainers and receive intensive feedback during the ToT. After the seminar day, the service provider will assist the participants in their course preparation for the next day.

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