Vocational training partnerships between Bildungswerk der Bayerischen Wirtschaft (BBW) & educational institutions in the Ukraine


Sequa gGmbH





09/2015 – 11/2015


Business Area:

Education, Youth employment, Peace development, Conflict management and  Refugees.

Project Description:

Next to an economic negative growth, the Ukraine maintains a high youth unemployment rate of 17,3% and an acute shortage of skilled labor. Together with the Bildungswerk der Bayrischen Wirtschaft (BBW), sequa gGmbH plans on having a training partnership with educational institutions in the Ukraine to improve the quality of selected Vocational Training Institutions like Employers’ organizations and/or governmental educational institutions. The project aims to better align the supply of training, further education and subscriber qualifications of the ukrainian vocational training institutions to the needs and demands of the economy and industry. Due to an increased quality and matching of the vocational training system between the public and private sector, the quality of the vocational training, the employability of the youth and the chance to find employment after vocational training will be enhanced.

Services provided:

As a part of the audit mission, CEFE International identifies appropriate chambers and/ or vocational training institutions as partners and specifies their needs and ideas of the main priorities and activities of the project. This includes services as follows: planning and implementation of demand-oriented discussions with all relevant parties on the ground and to submit a report on the results after the trip. The contents of the appraisal further comprise an analysis of political and economic conditions/ the project environment/ roles of the formal economy and potential partners/ inventory/ estimation of the significance and relevance of the partnership/ elaboration of proposals for project design/ recommendations for project organization/ value chains/ objectives and the importance of cross- cutting issues such as public private partnership, gender mainstreaming and poverty reduction.

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