GET YES (Global Exchange and Training for Youth Employment Services)​

EU (Erasmus+).
Macedonia, Germany, Chile, Philippines, Jamaica.
10/2015 – 05/2017.
Business Area:
Private sector development, Networking, Entrepreneurship.
Project Description:
A joint project proposal for employment promotion of young unemployed prepared by five different CEFE networks from Macedonia (project leader), Germany, the Philippines, Chile and Jamaica was funded by the EU and is co- financed by the involved networks. The Training of Trainers welcomed participants from all five partnering countries, where roll-out has started and will continue in 2017. The focus of this two-years project lies on fostering cooperation and exchange in order to improve the capacities of young people for the reduction of unemployment and support to entrepreneurship.
Services provided:
CEFE has been successfully introduced to Macedonia in 2008 -2009, financed by GIZ. This included concept and curricula development; implementation of 8 seminars for qualification of public institutions and consultants in the application of commercial PPPs. Today, the frst meeting of international experts was held in Skopje, Macedonia, in April 2016 to share best practices identifed by the consortium in the respective countries and the development of the curriculum for the training of young people. The different cultural approaches, experiences and concerns contributed to the development of the new modules.

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