Urban-industrial Environment management - Mexico

GIZ in consortium with GOPA, PremaNET and Held Consulting.
07/2015 – 05/2017.
Business Area:
Green Economy, Innovation, Public Private Partnership,  Vocational training.
Project Description:
As a densely populated country with dynamic economic development, Mexico plays an important role for the sustainable development of Latin America and is therefore as an “anchor country” for the German development cooperation of particular importance. The pollution in the urban centers threatens the health of the urban population and the economic development of the country. Despite a progressive environmental legislation, a particular lack exists in sufficient knowledge and capacity of relevant institutions responsible for implementation and appropriate environmental policy instruments. Thus, there is a demand in capacity development for a sustainable environmental infrastructure concerning inter alia resource efficiency, climate protection and adaption to the climate change. Due to that, the component “Sustainable production and services” supports the Mexican Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources with the implementation of its program for sustainable consumption and production especially in cooperation with the private sector. The private sector will be obliged to contribute through a diversified range of sustainable products and sustainable services to Mexico’s “green growth”. The project considered the complete life cycle of products and services in order to achieve sustainable improvements in all phases. To support the projects´objective: Urban institutions in Mexico with improved environmental management give incentives for sustainable consumption, production and services, “Green Skills” are to be improved through vocational training which target environmental issues.

Services provided:

CEFE International qualifies staff of mexican corporations and public partner institutions in the field of sustainability and ecological standards to support the projects´objective. For this, CI develops and conducts innovative training programms, jointly with Prema (ressource efficiency training and coaching) and Theory of Constraints with a focus on inter alia corporate environmental management / technical process optimization / innovation / sustainable public procurement by using CapacityWORKS.

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