Multi-level funding approach to ecological e-commerce strategies in Africa Sub-Sahara

Kenia, Ruanda, Ghana.

2022 – 2022

Business Area:
Trade, environmental e- commerce, green e-commerce, green economy development.
Project Description:

As a fast-growing sub-area of trade, e-commerce can be a driver for national economies. There are plenty of opportunities for African small and medium enterprises to be part of this e-commerce revolution, tap into new markets locally, regionally and globally, and shorten the supply chain to the end consumers. However, many challenges remain. Specifically, environmental and social factors will be decisive for a sustainable e-commerce ecosystem. Trade and e-commerce promotion projects are often isolated activities, lacking sustainability aspects.

Services provided:
CEFE International, in cooperation with Globally Cool from the Netherlands, were assigned by GIZ to develop a multi-level model for sustainable e-commerce promotion with the objectives to: • facilitate the analysis of status and context of the e-commerce ecosystem in partner countries in a structured and systemic way, • generate conclusions from this about priorities in the promotion of e-commerce and • identify effective development measures of sustainable e-Commerce with the partner organisations. This will facilitate stronger linkages between actors at macro-, meso- and micro-level, thus leading to more effective initiatives. All this in a practical and participative manner.
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