CoSolve - Albania




2020 – 2022

Business Area:

Agriculture, tourism, retail manufacturing

Project Description:
The Advisory Facility for the COVID-19 Crisis Mitigation in the sectors will work directly with the individual businesses which in turn will give ProSEED a lot of insight on how the businesses work, what their challenges are and what potential they individually and on sector level have. This will provide information on further activities of the Facility and the individual projects as well as on the design of future German TC intervention. On a policy level, the experiences with the businesses can inform policy makers in Albanian institutions on how to design future support schemes for the sectors Agriculture, Tourism and others. <br>

Business operation areas:
• Product development.
• Human Ressources.
• Marketing or sales mechanism.
• Access to markets.
• Innovation and technology, production.
• Quality management incl. standards and certification
• Financial management.

Services provided:
The main goal of the Advisory Facility for the COVID-19 Crisis Mitigation in the tourism, agriculture and retail/ manufacturing sectors is to support 500 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that were severely hit by the consequences of COVID-19 crisis in Albania, and to maintain employment or even increase it.

Based on the needs of the businesses, CEFE International has designed and nowadays is conducting a tailor-made training, coaching and advisory services package, called Resilience & Growth Strategy Path which forms the basis of the approach to achieving goals. With this strategy, CI aims to mitigate the consequences of the crises by stimulating the businesses to adjust their operation to the new situation. Other services provided:

• Advise of MSMEs regarding the access to financial support schemes.
• Development of options for financial support.

Provided staff input: 95.6 months – 4 International Experts, 32 national coaches and trainers, one national advisor.
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