CoSolve - Albania





Business Area:

Agriculture, tourism, retail manufacturing

Project Description:

Since January 2019, the BMZ-funded programme on Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) is promoting income opportunities in rural areas through increased competitiveness and diversification of agriculture, the valorisation of biodiversity and the potential of rural tourism for employment-generating activities. The programme contributes to employment promotion in the agricultural sector and non-agricultural activities in rural areas by focusing on the principles and instruments of the EU’s common agricultural policy for rural development. It promotes the participation of young people and women and thus contributes to gender equality.

Services provided:

MSME Promotion in rural areas and in agriculture through coaching and agile training: CI is implementing a change plan for the MSMEs, which will ulimately lead to increased resilience and growth. The relevant topics are identified individually for each MSME in the Needs Analysis and implemented in coaching based on their relevance for resilience and growth.

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