Green Innovation Centres in the agriculture and food sector in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast.

2021 – 2022

Business Area:
Trade promotion, private sector promotion.
Project Description:

Ivory Coast is a fertile country, yet productivity is relatively low. Many farmers and micro and small enterprises work in the cocoa sector and related value chains, contributing to employment in rural areas and for the poor. Promoting start-ups and accelerating existing businesses in this sector requires a pool of local trainers and coaches who turn into practical change agents at the grass-root level.

The Green Innovation Centres for the Agriculture and Food Sector (CIV) in Ivory Coast aims to identify and implement innovations to improve and increase the income of 150,000 cocoa farmers sustainably. The project also seeks to create jobs, support the improvement of youth and women’s employment, and increase the turnover of the sector’s enterprises.

Services provided:
CEFE International is forming trainers under the CEFE approach (Competency-based Economies through the Formation of Entrepreneurs )to give them the knowledge and tool to train and nurture future entrepreneurs sustainably.
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