CEFE Training of Trainers (ToT)

International Rescue Committee (IRC).
07/2015 -08/2015.
Business Area:
Private sector Development, Rural Business Development and Coaching.
Project Description:

Starting in 1998, IRC teams and partners have evolved to currently reaching more than 1 million people in Uganda with lifesaving support. With poverty levels still high in Uganda, IRC will support communities by providing business skills and start-up grants. As people should have the means to meet basic needs and have opportunities to earn an income and build their assets, IRC focuses also on creating job and career opportunities for women and men and helping them address money management issues at home. This includes inter alia providing women with resources and services to assure their safety, health and financial independence/ helping farmers and small-business owners succeed by linking them to markets and credit for their businesses/ teaching youth business skills by linking them to apprenticeship opportunities and providing them with seed grants for business initiatives. As a main goal, IRC aims at economic wellbeing, where people generate income and assets through providing start-up grants for small businesses and improving value chains and market linkages in strategic sectors.

Services provided:

To contribute to IRC’s goal of economic wellbeing, CEFE International carried-out a CEFE Training of Trainers (ToT) seminar in Uganda for 15 staff members of IRC of which twelve were from different regions of Uganda, two were from Ethiopia, and one from Burundi. This included the following services: preparation and adaptation of course material/ execution of training/ evaluation of participants/ recommendation of talented trainers for further coaching to gain their CEFE Trainer Certificate. Furthermore, documentation and building a critical mass of CEFE trainers within IRC to improve business development services were crucial parts.

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