Develop and deliver business development support services to youth and women start-ups in Kigali






2023 – 2025

Business Area:

Private sector development; Women Empowerment; MSMEs.

Project Description:
CEFE International (CI) promotes women-led SMEs and entrepreneurs by providing tailored solution-oriented business support, including entrepreneurship training, mentorship, coaching, incubation, and follow-up in practical business planning and management, marketing, and aftercare services for a maturity duration. CI promotes women’s economic empowerment by enabling them to access the finance required for business investment and growth needs from the Business Development Found grant and other relevant sources of financing opportunities in the Rwandan financial market.

Services provided:

The specific objectives of the assignments are: i. Support of local actors to identify youth and women with entrepreneurship aspirations. ii. Supporting new entrepreneurs through providing entrepreneurship trainings and inclusive financial literacy iii. Provide vocational hands-on skills iv. Accompany new entrepreneurs to acquire funds from identified financial institutions v. Provide after-care services including mentoring and coaching through the lifespan of the project.
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