Business Development Service Project


GIZ, in collaboration with Somalian Jubaland Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (JCCIA) & American Refugee Committee (ARC).




08/2016 – 02/2017.

Business Area:

Private sector development; Rural development.

Project Description:

Somalia still belongs to one of the poorest countries in the world. In current indicators of economic development, the country is mostly ranked as one of the lowest. Everyday life of the people, especially in the south and in the middle of Somalia, is characterized by armed conflicts. In recent years, the government has made progress towards pacification and stabilization, as well as rebuilding state structures and made efforts in strengthening, among others, the countrýs economy by re-establishing economic foundations. The ARC Business Development Service Project aims to provide support to business development through capacity building for improved livelihoods for returnees, Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and host communities in Kismayo.

Services provided:

By conducting a six weeks on-the-job ToT training in Kismayo and thereby introducing the CEFE methodology to Somalia, CI takes part in the implementation of political stabilisation measures. CI´s Ghanaian expert conducted a training-on-the-job for five business counsellors on the CEFE methodology. A short workshop on the method and three weeks training sessions with the beneficiaries, gave the trainees more and more competence in facilitating CEFE trainings. During the seminars the following topics were discussed: Business Skills Improvement, Starting Your Own Business, Successful Marketing and Understanding of Basic Finance. In total, over 125 participants directly benefited from the seminars. Targeting IDPs and returnees from Kenya.

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