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World Vision


10/2013-12/2013; 2014

Integration of a Business Facilitation Approach within WV (gospel resource social enterprise grants project)

Many small business owners don’t earn sufficient income to take care of their children and local community groups have struggled to design and deliver sustainable activities to support household improve livelihoods. It has been shown that both small business owners and community groups are not as successful as they could because (amongst other things) they don’t possess entrepreneurial and business skills required to design and operate successful enterprises and/or design and implement effective livelihood activities. This project seeks to impart knowledge and skills, to create opportunities for clients of specific grants on a small scale to diversify and stabilize income opportunities, to increase entrepreneurial activity and capacity and to improve individual and regional economic development by providing representatives of the community groups and their beneficiaries with experiential entrepreneurship/business management meetings. These meetings equips them with ‘soft skills’ to ensure resources are well used, maximized and sustained in the future. To support the project’s objective, CI provides services for an Integration of a Business Facilitation Approach within WV.

To support the projects´objective CI provides WV with an effective methodology to support small business owners and community groups to improve their businesses, and staff with skills and experience. This includes: provide 3 World Vision staff with 21 days on the job training, advice and coaching on CEFE methodology/ provide small business owners and community group members with entrepreneurial and business skills required to increase profit & activities/ certify 3 World Vision staff as certified CEFE trainers having the skills and experience to continue to train small business owners. The CEFE Methodology includes furthermore lectures/ participatory training exercises with business owners and groups/ simulations of activities and games/ case studies / role plays and group discussions.

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