Marlinde Elisabeth Baerenz


My name is Marlinde Baerenz, together with my father, I am managing the every day work at our social business: CEFE International. 

Even though I am pretty young, I already have 10 years of experience with specific focus on business and capacity development for entrepreneurs, working with young people, rural communities and micro-to medium-sized companies. This is because I started working with CEFE International, while I was still enrolled in my Master degree. I am an economist with focus on social and African science. Mainly I am working for CEFE International as network coordination manager since 2008 and I am engaged as Managing Director within the company since 2012.

While being a trainer and juggling a lot of tasks and responsibilities at CEFE International, I am working on new training and coaching concepts, to overcome every challenge. That is why we implemented a new platform: CEFE Academy. Together with my team we managed to creat an online platform to continue to do what we love!

My team says, I am a great leader and successful example for female empowerment

My favourite quote:

''Do what you love!''

Why am I at CEFE International?

To make the world a little bit better…

What am I doing when I'm not at work?

I am at a cafe or spending time with my family.

If I could, I would...

Only doing things I really like.

The most fascinating country I have been to...

Kenya Lake Turkana.

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