Lina Sinzinger​


Although my first contact with the CEFE methodology dates back to the year 2010 (when I was working on a GIZ project for Innovation and Technology Transfer for Latina America and the Caribbean), it took me ten years to become a team member of the CEFE family.  

Since January 2020 I am mainly working on the GET.invest Matchmaking component. European, African and Caribbean private sector stakeholders are coming together to find professional networks via B2B Matchmaking sessions in the frame of an online or offline conference.

Equipped with an academic background in humanities (Spanish, Portuguese and educational psychology and intercultural education studies) my main interest has always been bringing together various interest groups from different fields. I spent almost my entire professional life working at the interface between development cooperation and the private sector.

Though I love my work at the CEFE, my heart beats for Latin America! Especially for the small county Uruguay where I worked for one year and to which I returned again and again and again and again… It is about time for the next visit!

Her favourite quote:

'' You cannot change the wind, but you can set the sails differently. ''

Lina prefers...
Day person
Why is she at CEFE International?

Because of the great team and interesting projects!

What is she doing when she is not at work?

Spending time with my daughter or meeting some friends


If she could, she would...


The most fascinating country she has been to...

Colombia is wonderful but my heart stayed in small Uruguay

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