Jennifer Stander


I am a dedicated and versatile professional with a rich background in project management and a passion for fostering international collaborations. Currently, I hold the role of Project Manager for Partnering in Business with Germany, where I oversee the comprehensive care and support for delegations from diverse countries such as Mexico, Chile, Iran, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, India, and Vietnam.

In addition to this, I also serve as the Project Manager for Erasmus plus projects such as Farm4SD and ClimateFarming, focusing on sustainable agriculture. This role allows me to contribute to initiatives that promote environmentally friendly and socially responsible practices in the agricultural sector.

Since 2022, I have proudly held a position on the Management Board within CEFE International, demonstrating my commitment to organizational leadership and strategic decision-making. As one of the Heads of Human Resources, I actively engage in shaping a positive and inclusive work environment, fostering the growth and well-being of our team members.

My commitment to sustainability goes beyond my professional responsibilities, as I also hold the role of Sustainability Manager, where I actively contribute to promoting sustainable practices within our organization. What sets me apart is my genuine love for working with diverse cultures, finding joy and inspiration in the exchange of ideas and perspectives. This, coupled with my dedication to sustainability, defines my approach to professional endeavors and highlights my commitment to making a positive impact on a global scale.
My favourite quote:

'' Appreciate Life ''

Why am I at CEFE International?

To make the world a little bit better.

What am I doing when I'm not at work?

Studying (Sociology), going to the lake, planing her next trip!


If I could, I would...

Travel anytime I want to!

The most fascinating country I have been to...


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