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Eberhard Peter Baerenz​



My parents named me Eberhard, but abroad my name is Peter, this is much easier. A long time ago I did my Master in Economics and Sociology from University of Cologne. Currently I am the Managing Director of CEFE International. Some of you may compare me with one of the big Greek thinkers: nevertheless, I am well known for development in experiential learning and moderation approaches.

In my professional life in development cooperation of over 35 years, I have carried out more than 280 short term missions to 76 countries. I have been a passionate entrepreneur myself since 1988.

I am in love with entrepreneurship and fully engaged with the development of online tools for private sector promotion.

My favourite quote:

'' Do it! ''

I prefer...
Night person
Why am I at CEFE International?

Because my work here makes sense and it brings me joy!

What am I doing when I'm not at work?

Professionally: a lot abroad. Private: handicrafts, family life, meeting friends, sleeping.

If I could, I would...

Drive with my own car to Thailand, kite flying, watch the life story of my grandchildren.

The most fascinating country I have been to...

The whole planet! But if I have to pick one: Myanmar

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