Cristina Ramírez​

PR and Digital Media Manager​

Hola! I’m Cristina, a passionate advocate for impactful communication. I’m the person behind CEFE International digital platforms, crafting compelling narratives and eye-catching visual materials that elevate our brand awareness and connect us with people.

Beyond shining a light on the impacts of our projects and the CEFE Method, I’m also searching for exciting collaborators. I’m a matchmaker, connecting CEFE International with potential partners and obtaining the best experts to bring our projects to life.

If I ever contact you, it means that I have an exciting opportunity for you 🙂
My favourite quote:

''Be kind always''

Why am I at CEFE International?

Because I share CEFE International's values and through my actions I want to generate a positive impact on people.

What am I doing when I'm not at work?

I'm a lovely mother.

If I could, I would...


The most fascinating country I have been to...

My country, Peru.

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