We promote

entrepreneurial competences

through ”human capacity development” on a micro and meso level!

Promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

In our division for micro-, small- and medium enterprises, we promote entrepreneurial competences through human capacity development on a micro and meso level.

We support companies to develop independently and sustainably, which helps us to fulfill our mission to enable people and support their governments to improve living conditions by empowering their companies.

In this division we focus on the one hand on the fragile context, meaning the work in countries with weak governmental institutions and much poverty. On the other hand, we support rural development – for instance through vocal education in the field of survival entrepreneurship.

Training, mentoring and coaching

Training of Trainers (ToT) and Training of Coaches (ToC)

Development of experiential learning capacity development
Organizational development of partner organizations
Advise in project concept development
Blended and online learning

Entrepreneurship is key to sustainable economic development!

Relying on our ample network of 3 500 trainers and experts, we are capable of implementing short-, middle- and long-term projects in various fields of development cooperation.

With a wide range of state-of-the-art experiential tools CEFE achieves significant impact in employment creation, income generation and thus to a sustainable economic development.

Our variety of tools includes:

We are always innovating and finding solutions for the current challenges that entrepreneurs are facing. We can offer a wide range of tools that aim at strengthening Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises competencies and abilities:

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ToTs and ToCs to widen the network of trainers in the receiving countries

Training of business counsellors

Development of curriculum and counselling manuals
The Resilience and Growth Strategy Path, to overcome obstacles and benefit from them

For more reference, have a look at our products

  • Business events

    Organisation of matchmaking events, conference conceptualisation, set up and moderation, including on site, hybrid, virtual events.

  • Delegation trips

    Including training, coaching, mentoring, business visits and B2B opportunities.

  • How to B2B

    Training and coaching on networking successfully, identification of new business partners, negotiation, B2B Manuals.

  • Trade fair attendance

    Training and coaching on trade fair participation, presenting successfully, Outboundlists, crash course online fair trade, fair accompaniment.

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