We support and strengthen businesses

entering the German or European markets.

Supporting Business Cooperation

We have extensive expert knowledge about the German and European private and public sectors. We can draw upon longstanding cooperation with well-reputed partners and close contact with numerous German and European companies.

One of our distinguishing features is our longstanding work on the ground, including in rural areas, and our in-depth knowledge of the economic conditions of the countries. Thanks to our experience in managing projects in the frame of development cooperation and the work with our CEFE trainers, we can rely on close ties with partners and experts in countries worldwide.

We focus on supporting small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve and expand their business and/or enter new markets. The core services of our business cooperation division are:

Fit for Germany

Business Delegations​

Delegation journeys supporting participants to take the first steps in initiating business with new partners in a foreign market.



Promoting business initiations with promising potential business and policy partners or investors. 


Export Promotion

Supporting businesses to export their products to the German or European markets. 

Event Organization

Efficient organization of virtual or on-site events to maximize your engagement with potential business partners and forge strong partnerships.

trade fair (2)

Trade Fair Support

Preparing participants to make the best use out of their trade fair visit.

Scaling internationally and sustainable growth require a good network!

Thanks to our outstanding experience in the development cooperation, we can draw upon longstanding cooperation with well-reputed partners worldwide and are in close contact with numerous German and European companies.

Our variety of tools includes:

Adapting to face current challenges, we can offer a wide range of tools and solutions for Business Cooperation!

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Takijistan- Tigger II project
Training and workshops
(including e-facilitation and e-learning)
Coaching and Mentoring formats
Practic oriented company visits
Online Matchmaking Tools
Concept and program development

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