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About MentEntre

CEFE International, in cooperation with InnovationLabs.Berlin has developed MentEntre – a holistic and sustainable mentoring approach. Apart from being a Global Mentor & Mentor Expert Community, MentEntre offers solutions for mentoring. From conceptual approaches such as the Mentorship Map, which categorizes mentor types and enables mentees to find their perfect match, over training to innovative digital instruments such as a chatbot for mentee assessment.

Mentoring is about inspiring people to develop their entrepreneurial competencies and business management skills more effectively. It is a trusted partnership between two individuals, the mentor and the mentee, designed to build confidence in her/his own skills and to support the mentee to grow as an entrepreneur and leader.

The mentor analyses the need for change and guides the mentee towards her/his sustainable and innovative business solution. Based on the mentor’s experiences and the exchange with the mentor, the mentee can reflect on challenges and opportunities and decide on her/his own life and business path.

MentEntre Products

Concept Development on Mentorship
Junior/ Senior/ Master Mentor Training
Development of a Mentor tribe
Mentee Training​
Assessment of Mentor Eco-System
Mentor Expert Training​
Community Platform

MentEntre Mentor & Mentor Expert Community

Do you share your knowledge and experiences and enjoy new perspectives?
Are you a good listener, and do you respond with empathy and support?
Are you passionate about your work and the development of people around you?
Have you gained mentoring experience and thrived seeing others grow?

Join our Mentor & Mentor Expert Community

In our global community for entrepreneurs, you can enhance your skills to mentor entrepreneurs and create opportunities to provide advisory services to management service organisations. For further information you can contact Tom Bühler:

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