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National Short-term Expert pool

Posted on:
26 - 04 - 2023
Application dead line:
10 - 05 - 2023
Not specified.
Offer type:
Pool of experts


CEFE International is applying for the project:User testing and support to the adaptation of digital solutions for informal micro-entrepreneurs in Ghana.

Currently, we are looking for the best professional to assume the position of national experts.

Task for the expert:

• Understand the specific context of the target group and the market environment in the target regions.
• Provide expertise in a specific digital solution or technology and ensure relevance to the target group.
• Ensure the gender-sensitive and -transformative approaches are in digital solutions and support the respective design of activities in all work packages.
• Support the design and methodology, implementation and evaluation of capacity development measures for intermediaries and user tests – all with particular focus on gender equality, disadvantaged population groups and the informal sector.
• Support the development of a set of selection criteria to evaluate potential intermediaries and ensure that they are capable of conducting user tests and implementing the redesign of digital solutions with regards to context and gender sensitivity.
• Analyze data and support decision and design processes.
• Communicate with stakeholders, including intermediaries, SP and project partners, recruit selected intermediaries.
• Develop a recruitment and onboarding concept for users/test persons from the target group in the three project regions, support intermediaries’ outreach and recruitment of a diverse group of participants for user testing – thereof 70% women.
• Support user tests and feedback collection.
• Conduct field testing and validation of digital solutions.

Fields of expertise:

Context analysis, Private Sector Development, Gender and Sustainability

a. Gender experts: These experts should have experience in incorporating gender considerations into digital solutions, including understanding the specific needs of women in the target group and identifying potential gender-based barriers that may limit access to digital solutions. The experts should also advise the overall gender-sensitive design of activities in the different work packages, e.g. reporting and whistle blower solutions to prevent sexual misconduct.
b. Social scientists, economists and market researchers with a focus on Ghana: These experts should have experience in researching and understanding the specific market conditions and context of the target region, in contributing to user and field testing methodology and in conducting market analysis to identify specific opportunities for digital solutions among the target group.
c. Financial experts: These experts should have experience in financial inclusion, microfinance and can support the development of recommendations for the adaptation of solutions aiming at increasing the micro-entrepreneurs’ access to finance.
d. Climate-smart experts: These experts should have experience in providing information and awareness of environmentally and climate-friendly solutions to assist in respective design aspects in solutions.

Qualifications of the expert pool

• All expert with knowledge of English (C1), Twi (C1) and one expert with knowledge skills of Dagbani (C1) in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
•  5 years of professional experience in Context analysis or Private Sector Development or Gender or Sustainability (macro-economic and market research, or gender studies, or climate and environment studies, or financial inclusion), AND
• 3 years of individual work experience in Ghana and (or including) one expert with 2 years of individual work experience Ashanti, Eastern and Northern Region.


Send your application via e-mail to:

Cristina Ramirez

Please read carefully our CONSENT TO THE USE OF PRIVATE DATA


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