A first comprehensive impact evaluation has been conducted by the IFO-Institut ten years after the first introduction of CEFE. The evaluation revealed promising numbers as it shows that:

Between 78% and 100% of people participating in a CEFE course claim that their turnover did increase (min. 30%) or highly increase (min. 50%) after CEFE.

About 80% of the participants who are now in business claim that their personal income increased (min. 30%) or highly increased (min. 50%) after CEFE.

Both, existing and new entrepreneurs did create sizeable new employment opportunities after CEFE. It can be assumed that on average a minimum of 4.5 new jobs were created per participant.

A recent evaluation conducted in Rwanda in 2014 confirms previous results as it shows a significant change in the economic situation of participants after having concluded a CEFE training. In the Kuremera Programme of the Rwandan Ministry of Public Service and Labour, implemented in 2013 in cooperation with GIZ and executed by CEFE Rwanda LTD, 1.043 people participated in 46 CEFE seminars.

A survey conducted one year after completion of the seminars shows that:

  • 32,4% of the participants created a business (= 327 businesses)
  • 50,9% improved their existing businesses (= 532 businesses)
  • Only 7,8% are still unemployed (= 82 persons)
  • 931 additional jobs (apart from the participants themselves) were created, = almost 1 additional job per participant
  • 79,4% report that their income situation improved much or very much (= 829 persons)
  • 92,2% report that the CEFE training contributed much or very much to these changes (= 962 persons)

The total cost of the training (budget for CEFE Rwanda) was 111.000 USD. Allocating this equally among all persons who created a business and those who found employment in additionally created jobs, the cost is 87 USD per person, directly benefitting.

CEFE courses have a direct and significant impact on business creation as well as employment generation and income increase – at a very economic price. The training is relevant, effective and efficient.