Master Trainer Training and physical training approach for Khartoum State-based future start-ups and existing MSME




2021 – 2022.

Business Area:
Capacity building, ToT, Private sector development, Employment creation.
Project Description:
The Employment Initiative Khartoum (EIK) promotes cooperation between the Sudanese government, vocational training institutions and the private sector (in an integrated approach). The aim is to encourage market-oriented education and develop a skilled labour force for the market. To improve access to practically oriented vocational education and employment, the project approach also includes measures for strengthening government institutions, business development services (BDS), and civil society organisations. As a basis for expanding the private sector and a thriving start-up ecosystem, the programme works to create opportunities for entrepreneurs to build business ideas, launch them and get financing and investments. The target groups of the project, especially for the private sector component of the project, are Sudanese citizens and refugees who either seek employment, want to become self-employed, or want to establish a start-up in the formal or informal sector – but require entrepreneurship skills and experience.
Services provided:
Training of master trainers in Khartoum for ten highly experienced Sudanese master trainers, eight qualified vocational trainers and six experienced EIK staff. They will get the ability to train local entrepreneurship trainers that will train start-ups well and MSMEs aiming to improve their economic performance.
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