CEFE International has the following main objectives:

Since the introduction of CEFE Training of Trainers (ToT), around 20 000 people have been qualified as CEFE trainers. More than 4000 of these trainers form the CEFE International Network. The network offers a space for cooperation, learning and sharing among the experts.

CEFE International supports the work of the network and benefits from the vast experience and knowledge of this ample network of trainers and experts. To further develop existing CEFE tools and to create innovative solutions for current exigencies, we work together with CEFE trainers and experts all over the world. During the last years, a strong and fruitful cooperation has taken place, which recently has been consolidated in formal partnerships and agreements.

Find out about our network activities as well as successful projects realized by the CEFE International Network in our Annual Review 2016

Authorized Partners are institutions or corporations with which
CEFE International entered into formalized partnerships in order
to cooperate in various projects globally.

CEFE International’s active contacts are CEFE experts with
whom CEFE International is in exchange about all topics relating
to the realization and development of CEFE