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Apply for the CEFE Network´s Shared Leader Position

The CEFE Network invites you to seize this exceptional opportunity to become a driving force in global entrepreneurial development. We are looking for passionate and dedicated members to step into the prestigious role of Shared Leader. This position is a cornerstone of our new organizational structure, designed to enhance collaboration and innovation within our community.

As a Shared Leader, you will spearhead our initiatives to promote and expand the CEFE Method worldwide. Your leadership will be crucial in steering the CEFE Network Board, ensuring that our strategic goals are met and that we continue to make a significant impact on entrepreneurial education and development globally.

This is more than just a leadership position; it’s a chance to influence the future of entrepreneurship, foster meaningful connections, and contribute to the economic growth and job creation that our methodologies support. Join us in shaping the future of global entrepreneurship and make your mark as a visionary leader in the CEFE Network.


Are you ready to take your leadership to the next level?

Why Become a Shared Leader?


Professional Expertise and Recognition

Elevate your professional profile by leading a renowned network.
Gain unparalleled expertise in entrepreneurial skills development and establish yourself as a global authority in the field.


Expansive Networking Opportunities

Connect with a vast network of entrepreneurs, educators, policymakers, and business professionals.
Build relationships that will drive your career and foster influential partnerships.


Influence and Impact

Shape the future of entrepreneurship programs and contribute to economic growth and job creation. Your leadership will have a lasting impact on communities around the world.


Access to Resources and Knowledge

Enjoy access to an extensive array of resources, tools, and best practices. Stay at the forefront of innovation in entrepreneurial methodologies and continuously improve your skills.

Requirements to Apply

We welcome both individuals and consortiums who meet the following criteria:

Application Process


01. Application Deadline

Applications are open until June 10th.​


02. Application Form

Complete the application form, detailing your ideas on how to contribute to the network.


03. Video Presentation

Submit a video introducing yourself and expressing your interest in the position.


04. Submit aplication

Send the application form and your video presentation to Lisa Wernz:

Embrace this unique opportunity to lead and inspire. Your vision and dedication could drive the CEFE Network to new heights.

Apply now and be a part of shaping the future of global entrepreneurship!

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