We are looking for three experts in the area of value chain promotion for a project that seeks to support the enhancement of the opportunities for strengthening the competitiveness of Albanian producers, processors and traders in three value chains for accessing export markets or substituting imports in the national market and thereby contributing to creating employment and increasing the
viability for small farmers and MSMEs. CEFE International is applying for this GIZ funded project. The project is planned to start by end of 2020 and should continue for two years. Expected working days as freelance short-term expert is up to 200 days.

Tasks of the expert:

– Coordination of the advisory package of the contractor with regard to the work packages and activities to be implemented in the vegetable sector.
– Ensuring the coherence and complementary of the services of the contractor with other services delivered by the program at local and national level
– Implementation of capacity development measures for local partners in the area of value chain promotion focusing on marketing activities on regional and national markets
– Supporting identification and assignments of local and international short-term experts – Maintaining contact to relevant partners in the value chain (e. g. associations, farmers and farmers groups, processors, exporters, administration, advisory services)
– Consideration of cross-cutting themes (e.g. gender equality, returnees, young people)

Qualifications of the expert:

– Master or equivalent in agriculture, agronomy, horticulture or related fields
– Good business language skills in English (C1 European Reference Framework), Albanian (mother tongue)
– 10 years in agriculture and rural development
– 8 years (proven by a CV with information on specific fields) of value chain promotion in the vegetable value chain, agricultural extension and marketing of agricultural/horticultural products
– 3 years in management of projects in the vegetable sector
– 5 years Albania, Kosovo or North Macedonia with a focus on promotion of vegetable value chain by working directly with producers and via BDS providers, as well as by capacitating government institutions at the central, regional and local levels
– 4 years of project experience with donor organizations in Albania in implementing capacity
development measures


Deadline of application: 12 th of August
Please send your CV to , including your daily fee expectations.