CEFE Smart

You want to continue your activities despite Corona?

We want to support you in realizing it! CEFE digital – tailormade distance training, peer coaching and individual tutoring.

CEFE International offers these services in English, Spanish, Russian, French and Portuguese. The CEFE network covers more than hundred languages

CEFE Smart Training

CEFE Smart Training – interactive sessions among business people and start-ups

Learning still makes fun! (CEFE) Through exercises, discussions and theoretical input by the facilitator, the participants of CEFE Smart Training can learn new things. CEFE Smart Training session is minimum 1.5 hours and max 2.5 hours. It is recommended to combine several sessions to cover a comprehensive set of learning objectives.

Learnings of CEFE Smart Training:

  • Channels to the EU – build-up your cooperation plan
  • Long-term business relation with foreign partners
  • Mentor training – experienced business people get to know how to inspire others
  • Be fair – negotiation in business relations
  • Get in touch – learn how to inspire other people by your presentation
  • Intercultural communication in a global business world
  • Mindset change – make business in thinking ecological
  • Enhance your creative power
  • Strengthen you and your team – principles and tools of agile management
  • Basics of German economy
  • Power of marketing

CEFE Smart Peer Coaching

CEFE Smart Peer Coaching – from peer to peer

‘Working together is success’ (Henry Ford). Based on this principle, we encourage start-ups and businesspeople to share ideas, discuss options and learn from each other. Moderated by an experienced business advisor, the peers will define rules for communication and within 1.5 hours discuss on matters touching their business, project or life. CEFE Smart Peer Coaching can be sector specific but doesn’t need to.

Learnings of CEFE Smart Peer Coaching:

  • Value of feedback
  • Present yourself – interrelation between you and your audience
  • ‘Fuck-up’ – Learning from failure
  • Sector focus discussion – challenges in daily business life

CEFE Smart IndividualCoaching

CEFE Smart Tutoring – me, myself and I

‘It‘s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen’ (Scott Belsky). Our experienced business advisor encourages entrepreneurs in individual tutoring sessions of up to one hour to explore porential and learn from failures. CEFE Smart Individual Coaching is highly reflective and target oriented. It also encompasses product testing in German target markets. Send your product and we find the right peer in Germany to give you feedback.

Learnings of CEFE Smart Tutoring:

  • Importance of feedback
  • Present yourself – interrelation between you and your audience
  • Product testing – yes to failure, yes to innovation
  • B2B – match with your German business partner
  • Feedback-up – advise from experience project leaders
  • Home office – agile management within virtual teams
  • Importance of customer communication
  • Business planning – start-up or export-orientated