In the frame of the project “Promotion of youth employment in rural and mountain areas through green trades – Green Jobs” funded by BMZ and carried out by the GIZ in partnership with the High Council for Water and Forests and the Prevention and Control of Desertification (HCEFLCD) and the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity (FMV), SIAQ.Int organized and conducted a series of CEFE Courses in the district of Fez-Meknes and Béni-Mellal-Khenifra, Morocco.

The project supports young people in rural areas who are unemployed or only in temporary employment and have little if any, training. It strives to achieve a fundamental improvement in their employment and income situation.

To this end, it is developing training courses for ecologically sustainable careers, referred to as ‘green jobs’. In addition to this, the project provides technical advisory services and funding. The offer is particularly aimed atmicro and small enterprises and young entrepreneurs in areas related to the environment such as fishing or processing wood and natural products. This is giving rise to an increased number of qualified jobs for young people and women.

The project also strives to create a decentrally organized advice and training network for green employment. This will allow people in rural areas and in mountainous regions to obtain professional advice on implementing their ideas even after the project has ended. This can facilitate long-term development in the region.

Within the framework of this mission, the projects and project leaders identified will benefit from capacity building in order to ensure the proper management of their business projects and the sustainability of their activities with a coherent individual support program based on the support plans developed as part of the diagnostic mission.

The objective of the CEFE training and personalized support is to provide the cooperative’s members with a sustainable solution through training and therefore the development of new skills necessary for the implementation of a change at the level of the structures and, in a second step, to provide personalized and specific support to the problems identified in each economic structure. The cooperative members showed high degrees of enthusiasm and motivation. The program was successfully realized by a pool of certified trainers from Morocco under the management of Badia Refass.

The aim of the CEFE training is to provide to the young and female members skills, expertise and tools in the following areas:
– Entrepreneurship education
– Idea generation, Product development – innovation
– Marketing and Customer Relationship Management
– Team management / Meeting management
– Time management
– Financial and administrative management: Treasury management, Stock management Administrative management
– Clarifying the strategic vision
– Preparation for participation in Regional Seminars/Fairs
– Use of ITC for marketing, for communication
– Follow-up of formalization action
– Guidance for financing

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