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South East Europe


Open Regional Fund – Foreign Trade Promotion

The Open Regional Funds (ORF) for South-East Europe have been established in January 2007. They aim to build the capacities and to support EU integration of the South-East European countries, namely Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia (FYROM), Montenegro and Serbia, through regional projects. At present, the potential of regional cooperation to support progress towards the EU is not being utilised to an adequate extent. The purpose of the ORFs for South-East Europe (SEE) is therefore to initiate and foster cooperation among these young nation-states with programmes that support alignment with EU standards. As a flexible advisory instrument, they initiate and promote sustainable regional cooperation. It offers significant potential to tackle the economic challenges. Therefore, as one out of four priority areas, the area of Foreign Trade Promotion (FTP) aims at strengthening regional cooperation to improve the framework for competitiveness of SMEs and free movement of goods in SEE. Another area, the ORF Modernization of Municipal Services (MMS) works together with the Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South-East Europe (NALAS) and aims at sharing information and experience and developing transnational cooperation with numerous local government associations from the region.

To support the projects´ objective CI provides services as follows: development of regional market for CEFE-based trainings to increase exports of business development services/ facilitation, moderation and advising to two local facilitators at the Conference in Serbia on regional cooperation in business development services and entrepreneurship trainings for ORF FTP / preparation, concept development, facilitation and follow-up of a stakeholder Workshop including interactive tools for ORF MMS.

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