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12/2014; 04/2015-05/2015; 12/2015-02/2016

Sustainable innovation and employment (IDEE)

The key challenge of the Algerian economy is the creation of a sufficient number of jobs for Algeria´s young and growing population. Against this background, the government has intensified its effort to promote entrepreneurship and the diversification of the private sector. Due to that, the projects’ objective is to create jobs by promoting sustainable local interventions, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in the areas of, inter alia, political dialogue on green economy, innovation networks and services for MSMEs. This includes introducing CEFE for Green Business as a Business Development Service (BDS) to be implemented sustainably within Algerian Public and Private Service Providers to develop young entrepreneurs´ businesses and entrepreneurship skills with focus on the green economy sector by CEFE International. Those improved environmental conditions for innovative MSMEs stimulate demand for labor force and sustainable enterprise creation, particularly for young people and women.

The objective of the contract was the training and certification of 10 local CEFE Green Business trainers and coaches as well as 2 Master Trainers. CEFE International delivered: Introduction of the CEFE Green Business approach to project stakeholders in an appreciation workshop / Updating of CEFE competences for 11 Algerian CEFE Facilitators / Conduction of 2 Training of Trainers in CEFE Green Business for 32 trainers and coaches / Qualification of 2 Master Trainers / Certification and monitoring / Final report in French. Furthermore, evaluation of the status quo of CEFE in Algeria / recommendations to GIZ for the upgrading of CEFE trainers in Algeria.

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