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01/2013 – 01/2014

SInnovation – Promoting Innovation and Technology in ASEAN Countries (ILT)

With selected HCD Instruments, the project supports the promotion of long-term increased efficiency and performance of International Innovation Systems of the participating ASEAN members. Furthermore, improves the scientific – technical and economic cooperation within the region and between the ASEAN countries and Germany for an improved dialogue of the public and private sector. Due to that, selected professionals from topic-related fields of activity in the ASEAN countries will take part in an annual ILT (International Leadership Training) in Germany and a business-related internship in a German business institution to support innovation and technology promotion in ASEAN countries.

As a joint venture with Steinbeis Institute, CEFE International conducts the HCD International Leadership Training (ILT) to support the projects┬┤ objective. This includes preparation and conduction of trainings to inform the private sector about existing programs of innovation and technology promotion/ submission of report/ execution of ILT technology transfer and innovation system with participants from the ASEAN region in Germany, including a 8 weeks intensive leadership training/ moderation of the 1st international SInnovation conference in Thailand and a kick-off workshop in Indonesia.

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