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Sierra Leone


Qualification of youth – Human Capacity Development in entrepreneurship development

Despite the successful achievement of peace and the mobilization of considerable external resources for reconstruction, the political, social and economic situation in Sierra Leone remains marked by the impacts of civil war. The production and employment potential has only been inadequately exploited, especially that of the rural private sector. Demand for labour is practically non-existent. However, the little demand that does exist cannot be met due to the very low education level in the country. The projects´ overall objective is the improvement of the employment and income situation of Sierra Leone’s youth. In order to increase employment opportunities for young people, the private sector must be revived and strengthened. To this end, advisory services in the area of training include the development of curricula and ToTs for non-formal short-term courses and modular training units for vocational training and its implementation at selected community education centers or training institutions. In addition to technical skills in selected specialized agricultural/ rural areas, general vocational and management skills are to be taught. Teaching and learning aids are provided and trainers are trained in the selected training courses and taught how to be multipliers. In addition, the program offers advice and support for the implementation of innovative models for the promotion of business start-ups by young people (mentoring by experienced entrepreneurs who are already established). One of those innovative concept approaches is CEFE aiming at the needs-oriented qualification of youth to fulfill the component’s objective: Youths in selected districts are qualified for employment or become self-employed based on the market’s need.

CEFE has been identified as an innovative concept approach in business management for training potential and existing entrepreneurs working along the agriculture value chain in the three districts. Therefore, 16 service providers were trained in the CEFE methodology in a Training of Trainers (ToT), of whom eleven were licensed as CEFE trainers at the end. By doing so CEFE fits well into the objectives and activities of the Employment Promotion Programme. The indicator consists of 500 trained young people in entrepreneurship, certified by CEFE. During the first trainings, which were also used as supervising workshops for the freshly formed CEFE ToT participants, 114 young people were trained in business management. Services provided by CI include furthermore concept development for the target group Community Animal Health Workers, coaching, execution of workshops and report writing.

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