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01/2014 – 06/2014

Promotion of Economy and Employment (Eco Emploi)

Rwanda has shown an extraordinary commitment to reform and has achieved high rates of economic growth in recent years. However, continuing competitiveness challenges, particularly amongst small and medium-sized companies (SMEs), have prevented Rwanda from taking full advantage of these opportunities. The program EcoEmpoi is part of “Sustainable Economic Development”, which is a priority area of the Rwandan-German Development Cooperation, and supports the development of the capacity of both public and private institutions to increase sustainable employment. To support the overall objective: The individual and collective effectiveness of public and private institutions in developing long-term employment has improved, CI introduced CEFE Entrepreneurship Training for SMEs through CEFE Training of Trainers (ToT) in the past.

To upgrade capacities of Rwandan CEFE Trainers and identify innovative services to support entrepreneurship capacity, green economy and employment, CI conducts services as follows: elaboration of roadmap to improve the sustainable organization of CEFE trainers in Rwanda / assessment of the capacities of Rwandan CEFE Trainers and the organization of CEFE trainers / conduction of upgrading training of capacities of CEFE trainers / elaboration of roadmap to develop new tailor made training modules; materials ; tools on innovation, employablity and green economy / elaboration of a roadmap to improve the sustainable organization of CEFE trainers in Rwanda / report submission icluding lessons learned and recommendations.

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