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Promotion of civil rights in Nicaragua (FODECID)

In Nicaragua, the Program FODECID collaborates with the National Police and several civil organizations in the implementation of preventive measures of violence, particularly violence affecting vulnerable groups such as young people and economically disadvantaged women. So far, implemented measurements in the region have focused on vocational training and employment promotion. Looking at the actual insertion into the labour market and access to jobs, the results have been modest. Among the factors that limit the effect of this approach is the lack of sufficient incentives for hiring young people in private enterprise. For this reason, some institutions supporting at-risk youth have incorporated youth entrepreneurship initiatives with the expectation that by creating their own businesses, young people can better cope with the shortage of jobs. However, business promotion in this context is still in its infancy and there are not sufficient means on how to promote entrepreneurship for this particular target group. Since the 90s, the CEFE approach has been implemented to promote small businesses in virtually all Central America to meet the challenges in the care of youth groups at risks. Many CEFE facilitators were trained and have implemented countless CEFE applications for entrepreneurship and employment promotion.

To support the projects´objective CI aims at encouraging  government institutions and civil organizations involved in the preventive work of youth violence and CEFE facilitators active in the region, to develop CEFE interventions in this field. Therefore, CI conducts a training workshop of CEFE facilitators (Training of Trainers, ToT) with participation of civil organizations specialized in youth violence. The aim of the services provided is to prevent youth violence through the economic inclusion of youth at risk in Central America. The services include a presentation of the CEFE concept for the transfer of entrepreneurship competences on the regional conference for the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship and execution of a working session with certified CEFE trainers in Nicaragua & Central America.

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