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Open regional fund for training and employment promotion of youth

Given Tunisia’s very young population, it is particularly important to create adequate employment opportunities. Therefore, it is important to bring employment offers into alignment with the demand for labour. Many Tunisian businesses do not practice any proper human resource management, and it is difficult to obtain useful information about the country’s labour market. Due to that, an¬†open regional fund to support training and employment measures has been launched in 2011 to reduce the high levels of youth unemployment in Tunisia and Egypt.

To support the projects¬īobjective CI provides services as follows: Training Needs Analysis / training courses for trainers and consultants, training of new trainers / introducing a national certification system / update and advanced training for active CEFE trainers and consultants / development of curricula of five new modules for entrepreneurship training including, entrepreneurial competence, business planning and management and green business.

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