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Global Business Exchange Programs ( GloBus ) – Manager Training Program (MTP) – Feasibility Study for Manager Training Programme in the East African Community

The Global Business Exchange Programs (GloBus) targets small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Germany and selected EAC. The goal is to prepare regional managers to start sustainable business cooperation with German companies. The program aims at strengthening the management skills of managers of EAC small and medium-sized enterprises through education, dialogue and network formation and at the same time to qualify them for the requirements of international economic relations, especially with Germany. In order to do so, selected educational institutions of EAC are qualified to realize courses on ‘International Management’ and ‘Economic cooperation with Germany/Europe’. These courses help SME managers to prepare themselves for their stay in Germany, where they shall enter into business cooperations with German enterprises. Therewith, the program gives rise to the establishement of concrete economic relations between companies in the partner countries and Germany and contributes to economic development and competitiveness. Successfully appropriate trainings have been carried out in Morocco and Colombia. A regional expansion of the approach to East Africa is currently under review and is the subject of this mission.

CI conducts a Feasibility study for the implementation of the Manager Training Program(MTP) in East Africa. This includes services as follows: Preliminary examination/ interviews and conduction of workshop / conduction of fact finding mission in Kenya and Tanzania, to answer following questions: General economic potential of the countries / Sectors with corresponding potential for economic cooperation with Germany / The size and number of private companies and interest in such cooperation / Capacities and competencies of educational and support organizations / Experiences of German development cooperation and other donors with trade initiatives and comparable programs

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