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05/2012 – 07/2012 ; 09/2013-10/2013

Energizing Development- Establishment of industrial zones with access to energy and complementary services – CEFE Training of Trainers & Supervision of Master Trainers; Capacity Development – Ghana

Entering into a “Golden Age for Business” by creating a business enabling environment is one of the major objectives of the Private Sector Development Strategy of the Government of Ghana. One of the main bottlenecks identified especially for the expansion of MSME is that many small-scale entrepreneurs lack access to reliable energy – despite their ability and willingness to pay for it. Additionally, they are often located in the middle of residential areas and have little or no space to expand their businesses. Against this background, the component on “Energising Development in Industrial Zones“ aims to facilitate the establishment of industrial zones with reliable access to energy and business development services in selected district capitals in Ghana.  Therefore, since June 2012, in collaborated with the Business Sector Advocacy Challenge Fund (BUSAC Fund), the projects´aim is to up-scale the application of the CEFE Methodology through CI as tool for training small scale businesses and small business associations. Studies and follow-up activities give an indication that the CEFE training, established in Ghana 2008, has been very useful to beneficiaries in the area of marketing, financial management, capacity and organizational development. It is in view of this that the project as part of its exit strategy intends to establish and further up-scale the use of the CEFE methodology for building the capacity of small scale enterprises in Ghana.

To fulfill the projects´objective, CI is contracted to further build a critical mass of CEFE trainers in Ghana to improve business development services offered by private sector development agencies, in order to build the capacities and economic sustainability of MSMEs and small business associations in Ghana. Furthermore, to prepare the programme for CEFE coaching for the newly trained CEFE facilitators. In order to upscale CEFE Trainers, a second CEFE Training of Trainers (ToT) and Supervision of Master Trainers for 32 new CEFE trainers took place. Three existing trainers were qualified and certified as Master ToT Trainers. The Capacity development of selected national consultants of the public-private dialogue and supervision of CEFE trainers to become master trainers included training topics as follows: business start-up / entrepreneurial and managerial competencies / financial management.

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