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Scholarship program of Jiangsu / China province and the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia for professionals and executives from Jiangsu Province / China in Northrhine Westfalia

Since 1980, a close cooperation between NRW and three Chinese provinces, inter alia Jiangsu, has been developed. As one of the economically strongest and most populated provinces it thus became an important economic partner. For the intensification of the economic relations between the partner regions, the project aims at strengthening the cooperation between NRW and Jiangsu by tailor-made practical and application-oriented learning modules, with focus on ‘sustainable economic development, foreign trade promotion, structural support and service economy’. This includes using action oriented training, as well as dialogue and network building instruments. Accordingly, 10 candidates from different business areas have been selected to develop their own innovative business plan, gain essential social competences as well as to establish a sustainable network with German partners for future cooperation.

To support the projects┬┤ objective, CEFE International conducts a three-months Leadership Training course and tutorial support for developing individual projects within the Jiangsu-North Rhine Westphalia Cooperation, including evaluation of projects and overall outcome, impact monitoring, networking with the private sector and support with provision of B2B contacts. The conception, preparation and conduction of the seminars focused on intercultural management and communication, canvas, green economy, social entrepreneurship, quality management, leadership styles, change management and international project management by using CapacityWORKS.

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