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Innovation Promotion in Micro, Small and Medium-sized enterprises (MSME)

The low capacity of MSMEs and intermediary organisations to introduce innovations or offer innovative services is identified as one of the biggest gaps in the Indian eco-system. The program therefore seeks to implement a capacity building initiative on Innovation Management and Promotion for MSMEs and intermediary organisations respectively. The aim is to strengthen cooperation between industry, science and government through networks of public and private institutions. This helps to introduce and disseminates new technologies, products, processes or business models through assisting concerned stakeholders to increase their understanding on innovation promotion system and thus their innovative management capacity.

Within the GIZ -programme, the consortium of CI, Steinbeis Germany and Steinbeis India is implementing a project, also called Indinnovation, introducing commercial innovation management training into the portfolio of four prime business schools. To improve the innovation system of MSMEs, CI provides services as follows: developing partnerships with Indian Business Management Institutes to join the project for the introduction of an executive management in the field of innovation management and promotion / design and development of training programs for at least 100 MSMEs and 100 representatives of intermediary organizations in 2 pilot workshops and 8 roll out trainings/ 1 facilitation workshop / facilitation and coaching of training programs / monitoring / preparation of a complete manual.

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